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Virtual Window Solutions
Transforming Interiors with Digital Windows | ATTYWON

For over 25 years, ATTYWON has been at the forefront of innovative solutions. From smart windows to digital walls, we love introducing new technology, and our latest innovation is a virtual window. Do you have a windowless basement, office, or space that could use a view of the great outdoors? We offer the installation of fake windows that display 8k dynamic scenes, providing amazing views and bringing life to any room. Keep reading to learn more about this emerging technology that combines elegant design and indoor ambiance.


What is a Digital Window?
A digital window isn't just a screen; it's a meticulously crafted fusion of ultra-high-definition displays framed with elegant window trims. Technology's magic lets you have a window wherever you desire. Why settle for walls when you can have a simulated window? Call our team today to discuss your completely custom solution.


Click Here to read our guide on everything you want to know about fake windows.

Unlock the Power of Virtual Windows

Discover the transformative benefits of digital windows. From enhancing well-being to redefining interior aesthetics, experience a new horizon of indoor living.


Experience the therapeutic effects of  natural landscapes or any video content though a virtual window any wall in your home. There have also been studies on how  they reduce stress, enhance mood, and promote mental rejuvenation.

Space Transformation

No more confined or dull rooms. Digital windows breathe life into windowless spaces, turning  enclosed areas, like basements into vibrant scenes with the simulation of expansive outdoors.

Aesthetic Innovation

Take your interior design to the next level. Virtual windows work by blending cutting-edge technology with ultra fine crafted frames, making your space a modern masterpiece of innovation and style.

Customized Ambiance

Customized Ambiance: With Digital Windows, every day can offer a new view. Tailor your surroundings to your mood, the season, or special occasions, ensuring your space always feels fresh and personalized.

With ATTYWON's Digital Windows, don't just imagine the possibilities—bring them to life. Reach out to us today or set up a consultation."

Transformative Viewing with LiquidView Virtual Windows

Experience more than just an open window—it's your personal gateway to the world's most mesmerizing landscapes. Here are some of the reasons why LiquidView is the leader in fake window solutions.


About LiquidView Digital Windows
LiquidView began with a mission to bring the world's beauty into every room. The process involves top-notch cinematographers, akin to those working with National Geographic, who use cutting-edge motion picture cameras to capture an entire day's cycle in 8K resolution, making this pioneering technique a first in the industry.


Transform Your Space

LiquidView enhances any room with digital scenes from around the world, transforming areas with poor or non-existent views into breathtaking landscapes and creating a relaxing ambiance.

What makes LiquidView unique?
Fake window video scenes include "Unexpected Events" that feature random, photorealistic elements into your daily view, replicating the spontaneous nature of looking out a real window. This feature, controllable with a simple tap, aligns with the day's lighting, adding to our exclusive, patent-pending capabilities.

An Ever-Growing Library
LiquidViews dedicated teams journey across the globe, recording the planet's most magnificent scenery at the current time in 8.6K —each view lasting 24 hours. Users can effortlessly switch their scenery through our iPhone Remote App, diving into a continuously growing collection of vistas.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-Clear Precision: Delve into a world of 8K video clarity. Every scene, captured by top cinematographers, offers a vividness that feels almost within reach.

  • Engaging Visual Moments: Elevate your daily experience with spontaneous, photo-realistic events. Every look promises a unique journey of visual discovery.

  • Versatile Scenic Collection: From serene beaches to bustling urban centers, choose a backdrop that resonates with your mood. Customize your environment with a vast array of options.

  • Effortless Interaction: The interface prioritizes user comfort and is designed for ease, making the transition between digital vistas smooth and intuitive.


Enhance any space with the transformative power of smart windows. With ATTYWON's expertise, transform any environment into a sanctuary of relaxation and inspiration.

Revolutionizing Spaces with Virtual Windows

In today's era of technological advancement, the way we perceive and interact with our surroundings is undergoing a transformative shift. Enter the world of digital windows, where the boundaries between the real and simulated blur, offering unparalleled experiences. From ceilings to basements, commercial hubs to basements, discover how these innovative windows redefine spaces, enhance ambiance, and elevate experiences.

Computer Office WIth a View From Smart Scenery Windows


Today's office spaces demand more than just functionality. Smart windows shatter the barriers of confinement, gifting employees with invigorating vistas that fuel creativity and alleviate work-induced tension.

Gym Virtual Window

Home Gyms & Studios

Working out or practicing yoga with a view of a sunrise or a tranquil beach can elevate the experience. Smart windows can provide that motivational boost, making every session more enjoyable.

Virtual Windows in ceiling


Expand your horizons beyond traditional walls. With smart windows on ceilings, you can emulate skylights, presenting views of azure skies or celestial constellations, enhancing room depth and outdoor connectivity.

Doctors Office With Digital Window For outdoor viewing

Medical Facilities

Transform the clinical atmosphere of hospitals and clinics. Smart windows usher in soothing natural panoramas, facilitating patient relaxation and healing, while nature's view acts as a balm, diminishing patient distress.

Smart Window in Restaurant

Commercial Spaces

Elevate the ambiance of malls, restaurants, and other venues. Smart windows offer patrons distinctive experiences, be it dining amidst the Aurora Borealis or shopping with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.

Basement with Digital Windows


Smart windows infuse vibrancy into basements, offering a radiant, expansive view. Choose between a sunlit shore or a tranquil woodland, and revamp your basement into a lively space or leisure zone.

Health Benefits of Virtual Windows

Boost Your Well-being with Virtual Views

Digital windows offer more than just beauty; they bring significant health and psychological advantages, especially important in places like hospitals and offices.

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Well-being
Imagine turning a bland, windowless room into a vibrant space with a view of a sunlit forest or a serene beach.
LiquidView makes this possible, offering not just aesthetic improvement but significant health and psychological benefits.


A Breath of Fresh Air for Mental Health
Studies show that natural views can drastically reduce stress and enhance mood. They bring the calming essence of nature indoors, offering a mental escape from the confines of four walls. In environments like hospitals and offices, where stress levels can peak, the presence of simulated windows displaying tranquil natural scenes can provide a much-needed mental break, aiding in relaxation and reducing anxiety.


The Science Behind the Serenity
Research indicates that exposure to natural landscapes, even digitally, can stimulate positive changes in the brain, promoting a sense of well-being and reducing feelings of fatigue. For instance, a study conducted in a healthcare setting revealed that patients exposed to digital window views of nature experienced lower stress levels and reported higher satisfaction with their care environment.


Boosting Productivity and Creativity
In corporate settings, virtual windows can transform mundane workspaces into sources of inspiration. The dynamic views can help break the monotony of the workday, fostering creativity and boosting productivity. Employees report feeling more energized and motivated when their environment includes elements that break the visual barrier of indoor confinement.


Case Studies That Inspire

Real-world applications of simulated windows in hospitals have shown remarkable outcomes. For example, a case study in a pediatric ward demonstrated that children undergoing treatment in rooms equipped with virtual windows showed better pain management and faster recovery times. Similarly, offices that have integrated them into their design have noted improved employee morale and reduced absenteeism.


Embracing Nature, Enhancing Lives

These simulated windows offer more than just a technological marvel; they provide a gateway to the therapeutic effects of nature, enriching our indoor environments and improving our quality of life. Whether it's in a hospital room, a corporate office, or a home gym, they do make a significant difference in our mental and physical well-being.

Seeing nature scenes through virtual windows can lower stress. This is crucial in high-stress environments like healthcare facilities and workplaces.

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