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Transform Any Room: The Ultimate Virtual Window Guide for Healthier Living.

Updated: Mar 21

Virtual windows are not just an upgrade; they are more of a visual escape for spaces lacking a real window. They are portals to breathtaking beauty that improve both physical and psychological benefits. Of course, you can hang some pictures, put flowers out, and try to improve the ambiance, but without natural light and natural views, we can never satisfy that outdoor vibe.

"Fake windows" are far from a new concept; their origins can be traced back to the art technique known as "trompe-l'œil," or "deceive the eye," used to create the illusion of window views. These became particularly prominent during the Renaissance period, around the 15th to 17th centuries. However, with recent advancements in technology, particularly HD video displays and high-resolution cameras, digital windows have gained significant popularity. In fact, of all the smart home technologies we offer and install, these have become one of the most requested. So if you have a lack of windows your in the right place to learn about these beautiful views.

 Upscale Fort Lauderdale Fl Sitting Room.LiquidView Virtual Windows installation
LiquidView Virtual Windows in an upscale Fort Lauderdale Fl Sitting Room.

This guide dives into everything you want to know about digital windows, including info on top brands like Sky Factory and LiquidView windows. We encourage you to comment and share your experience or thoughts below on this emerging technology to help us all learn more.

What is a Virtual Window?

Are you looking for a room with a view? If you have found this article, you probably already understand the desire and benefits of simulating a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean in your basement or a sharp view of the Canadian Rockies in your home office. If you really don't know, a virtual window is an advanced high-res digital display similar to a TV that simulates the experience of a real window. Whether it is blue sky, ocean view, or any other outdoor scene, these LED panels bring the outdoors to any space. It's a dynamic piece of digital art that can show the serene movement of clouds, the gentle sway of trees, birds in flight, or animals in their natural habitat.

How Do Virtual Windows Work?

Virtual windows transform your space with special commercial-grade screens, far superior to standard 4K TVs. They connect to the internet to fetch stunning, super high-resolution images from various libraries. Some manufacturers even offer immersive sounds like birds chirping or waves crashing for added realism. Each scene is carefully selected to ensure the most lifelike experience. These screens are encased in custom window frame of your choice, blending seamlessly with your decor. With remote control functionality, you can easily switch scenes or sync them with the current time of day. Essentially, these advanced screens use the internet to deliver vivid outdoor scenes like a real open window, complete with natural sounds, creating the illusion of a window that opens to a breathtaking view, all framed just the way you like it.


Virtual Windows Will:

  • Breathe life into your windowless room

  • Transform the appearance and ambiance of windowless spaces

  • Provide access to undisturbed, open landscapes that may not otherwise be possible.

Manhattan Apartment Fake Window Installation
Manhattan Apartment Fake Window Installation

Benefits of Luminous Virtual Windows

Artificial windows are more than just a visual upgrade. They offer a unique sensory experience that can help refresh your mind and reduce stress. By mimicking natural scenes, they bring the benefits of natural light and a real view that you may be missing.

So not only are you getting more “natural” light and a view of nature, but the prolonged footage will increase both your short-term and long-term circadian health benefits. This means that artificial windows can help regulate your body's internal clock, improving sleep patterns and overall well-being by simulating the natural progression of daylight.

Plus, they serve as a critical solution in areas where security, privacy, or building codes restrict the installation of real windows. They deliver the therapeutic advantages of beautiful and natural scenes, making them an ideal addition to any space in need of a refreshing view.

Where can you put a Digital Window?

The application of virtual window technology is highly versatile and suitable for all closed areas, with common places, including bathrooms, offices, and medical facilities, enduring the enhancement of ambiance and perceived natural light. For instance, Fake windows have been highly praised for their ability to brighten up dark residential spaces, particularly basements, where they create realistic and dynamic views. They can significantly enhance the living environment in senior living facilities, offering residents a comforting open window to nature, which improves mood and cognitive function.

Another prime example is in hospitals, where they provide patients with calming natural scenes, aiding in stress reduction and promoting an improved healing atmosphere. This versatile technology allows you to transform any space, limited only by your imagination.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with simulated windows:

  • Create the illusion of an underwater sea world view in an office environment.

  • Have a soothing beach sunset in your basement bar.

  • Bring the beauty of a lush forest into your office.

With a virtual window, possibilities are limitless.

LiquidView Digital Window NYC Office Installation
LiquidView Digital Window NYC Office Installation

What are the different Types of Virtual Windows?

Digital windows come in various types, such as still images, video-based, and interactive options, each with unique features and benefits. These categories include direct nature views, simulated nature views, and virtual reality (VR) environments, offering diverse experiences.

Video-based windows often consist of high-definition televisions in portrait orientation framed as windows, providing a real window-like experience. These features and specifications are relative to the manufacturer, which we will cover later. Alternatively, you can scroll down for our opinion.

What Image Libraries and Designs are available?

Beyond the variety of types, simulated windows also offer diverse image libraries and designs. For instance, LiquidView’s windows feature an expanding content library of high-resolution landscapes and scenes in your current time zone. Their library includes a range of:

  • mountains

  • waterfalls

  • shorelines

  • streams and rivers

  • wildlife

  • habitats

Ultra Hi-Res Panoramic View From Digital Window Installation
Ultra Hi-Res Panoramic View From Digital Window Installation

High-Resolution Cameras and Unique Content Features

The immersive experience of a virtual window is largely due to the high-resolution cameras and unique content features employed in their creation. Each view is captured by cinematographers of the highest caliber, using feature film motion picture cameras, documenting a full 24-hour cycle in breathtaking 8K resolution. This recording spans an entire day, encapsulating the dynamic changes from dawn to dusk in unparalleled 8K video quality, offering viewers a realistic and immersive experience.

Adding to the realism of a natural view, the content is enhanced with photo-realistic elements that appear sporadically, mimicking the unpredictability of real-life events seen through a window. This feature, known as Unexpected Events, is customizable and can be toggled on or off. It provides tailored content that aligns with the ambient lighting corresponding to the time of day, further enriching the viewer’s experience with unique, patent-pending innovations.

Customizing Your Digital Window Experience

Customizing your digital window to blend with your existing space is easy and ensures seamless integration. Some frames can be painted to match the surrounding wall or interior design. They also offer an expansive array of design possibilities, allowing for a highly personalized and immersive experience. These innovative displays transcend the limitations of traditional windows, providing not only breathtaking views but also the flexibility to tailor every aspect of their appearance to match any interior design.

The frames can be crafted from your choice of materials, offering endless aesthetic possibilities. From luxurious custom woods that add warmth and natural beauty to sleek and modern metals that provide a contemporary edge. the choice of frame material can significantly influence the overall look and feel of the virtual window. To enhance the realism and depth of the displayed images, they can be fitted with special glass overlays that mimic the characteristics of real glass, complete with subtle reflections and textures, adding an extra layer of authenticity.

Digital Window Installation In Kitchen Area
Digital Window Installation In Kitchen Area

Luminous Virtual Window Solutions

For those seeking to elevate their indoor spaces, these solutions provide:

  • High-resolution visuals

  • LED lighting technology to mimic natural light and promote mood

  • Visuals up to 4K and 8K video quality, offering clarity and detail that rival actual window views

  • LED lighting technology emulates the sun’s natural light and improves the ambiance in rooms lacking real windows.

You can personalize your Luminous Virtual Window experience by selecting from a variety of trim styles and incorporating artificial lighting that mimics natural light.

Residential Spaces

Digital windows can add significant enhancement to residential spaces, from basements to bathrooms. You can create the illusion of a full window where natural light is limited or nonexistent. This can greatly improve the atmosphere of the space. Even in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, artificial windows can mimic the presence of real ones and contribute to the overall decor.

By simulating nature views on screens like televisions or monitors, fake windows bring the experience of nature into homes, offering a real view-like perception of landscape views.

Commercial Meeting Room With Digital Windows
Commercial Meeting Room With Digital Windows

Commercial Spaces

They can transform commercial spaces like waiting rooms, doctors' offices, and break rooms into calming sanctuaries, reducing stress and enhancing productivity. By simulating natural views, they offer a serene escape, improving the mood and well-being of employees and visitors alike, making every moment spent in these environments more pleasant and rejuvenating.

Versatility in the Workplace: Digital Windows as Presentation Screens

These luminous virtual windows are decorative features and versatile tools for collaboration and communication in your workplace. These advanced digital displays can seamlessly transition from offering serene outdoor scenes to becoming high-definition presentation screens, making them an invaluable asset in any office environment.

Benefits of a virtual window in work spaces:

  • They integrate smoothly into meeting rooms, executive offices, and common areas and maintain a sleek, professional appearance.

  • When not in use for presentations, they contribute to a pleasant and stimulating work environment by displaying a refreshing view of landscapes or vibrant city skylines.

  • With their high-resolution capabilities, up to 8K, simulated windows provide crystal-clear visuals. They ensure that presentations, graphs, and videos are displayed with exceptional detail and clarity, making your business look sharper.

  • This level of image quality supports effective communication and engagement during meetings and presentations.

Designed with versatility and depending on installation, virtual windows offer the following features:

  • Easy connectivity to laptops, tablets, and other devices, facilitating quick and hassle-free transitions from ambient displays to presentation screens

  • Support for a variety of formats and applications, making it suitable for diverse presentation needs

  • Interactive capabilities allow presenters to engage more dynamically with the content

  • Touchscreen functionality and intuitive interfaces for real-time annotations, zooming, and navigation through slides

These features make tehm a great option for making presentations more interactive and engaging.

upscale Denver Restaurant With Simulated Window Display
upscale Denver Restaurant With Simulated Window Display

Lighting and Controls

Virtual windows often come with adjustable lighting options to ensure that the scenery matches the ambient light in the room for a more realistic experience. For instance, Prosky Panels’ fake windows are designed to recreate the feeling of natural light using LED backlights, which illuminate high-resolution images to create the illusion of a real window.

These artificial windows can contain a powerful array of LED lights controlled by a remote for on/off and dimming functionality. Remote control options enhance the immersive quality, allowing users to change scenes or adjust settings conveniently. Users can even change their view and access an ever-growing immersive library using a remote app for iPhone.

Commercial Displays vs. Consumer TVs

When considering a simulated window, it is important to understand the difference between commercial displays and consumer TVs. Although they may appear similar, there are significant differences concerning durability, connectivity, and cost. Commercial displays are built for 24/7 operation, offering high endurance with advanced integration options. Consumer TVs are designed for limited daily use and are more aesthetically focused. Ventilation needs also limit them.

In terms of connectivity and integration, commercial displays have advanced connectivity and are compatible with professional AV systems. Consumer TVs offer basic connectivity and very limited integration options. Depending on the application, commercial displays can operate in landscape and portrait modes; consumer TVs are primarily designed for landscape orientation.

When it comes to content management and security, commercial displays have built-in content systems and enhanced security. In contrast, consumer TVs offer basic content options and standard security. Commercial displays may have a higher initial cost, but they often have a lower total ownership cost due to their durability and extended warranties.

Artificial Window Installation In Los Angeles With View of NYC Skyline
Artificial Window Installation In Los Angeles With View of NYC Skyline

How Much Do Virtual Windows Cost?

Finding the Price of Your New View

Curious about the cost of adding a virtual window to your space? The price can vary widely based on size, features, and technology. Here's a simple breakdown to help you understand what to expect.

Basic to High-End: A Range of Options Virtual windows start at around $2000 to $5000 for basic models, which might include simpler scenes or static images. Want a window that looks out on the Golden Gate Bridge or a tropical beach? For a more advanced setup like LiquiVision, with several high-definition panels and dynamic scenes that change throughout the day, prices can range from $20,000 to over $100,000. Think of it as buying a TV: the higher the price, the more features and the better the quality.

Investing in Your Well-being: While the upfront cost might seem high, consider the benefits. A virtual window can transform a dull room into a refreshing space, boost your mood, and increase productivity. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a happier, healthier environment.

Who manufacturers Digital Windows?

Several manufacturers offer virtual window solutions, each with unique features, pros and cons. For instance, LiquidView windows boast a high 8.6K video resolution for an ultra-clear experience. The company provides an ever-expanding content library, including imagery from National Geographic-level cinematographers. You can enjoy a refreshing view that spans a full 24-hour cycle and experience ‘Unexpected Events’ to mimic the unpredictability of real window views.

It’s important to understand that each manufacturer offers a unique set of features and benefits, and the best choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. In the following subsections, we will delve deeper into the offerings of different manufacturers, including:

  • LiquidView

  • Atmoph Window

  • Sky Factory

  • Winscape

  • Prosky Panels

Dallas Texas Waiting Room With Digital Windows
Dallas Texas Waiting Room With Digital Windows

LiquidView windows brings the outside in with its ultra-high-definition virtual windows, offering a selection of breathtaking 8K resolution scenes from around the world. With a focus on realism and immersion, LiquidView windows are designed to enhance any space, providing a window-like experience that's as close to reality as possible.


  • 8K Resolution: Unmatched clarity and detail, making every scene come to life with vivid colors and sharp images.

  • Expansive Content Library: A wide array of scenes, from serene natural landscapes to dynamic urban vistas, all captured with cinematic quality.

  • Dynamic Content: Real-time scenes that evolve, capturing the natural movement of the environment, from shifting clouds to the gentle sway of trees.

  • Customization: Personalize your view with a variety of scenes and settings to match your mood or decor, ensuring your virtual window is always in harmony with your space.

  • Seamless Integration: Designed to fit elegantly into any interior, with customizable frames that complement your personal style and decor.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls make it easy to change scenes, adjust settings, and personalize your experience, all with a few simple clicks.

Atmoph Window

Atmoph Window brings the world to your room with its 4K resolution digital window, offering over 1000 views from around the globe, including live streaming options. It seamlessly integrates with smart speakers for an enhanced user experience, making it a favored choice for those seeking variety and ease of use.


  • 4K Resolution: Crystal-clear imagery for an immersive viewing experience.

  • Extensive Content Library: Access to over 1000 global views and live streaming locations.

  • Smart Speaker Integration: Easy control and interactivity.

  • Easy Installation: Simplified setup process.

  • Subscription for Full Access: A subscription model ensures a constantly updated content library.

Digital Sky Ceiling Using Faux Windows
Digital Sky Ceiling Using Faux Windows
Sky Factory

Sky Factory specializes in Luminous SkyCeilings and Windows, they utilize high-resolution photography to create realistic sky views. Aimed at therapeutic environments, Sky Factory installations are designed to invoke biophilic responses, reducing stress and enhancing well-being, particularly in healthcare settings.


  • High-Resolution Sky Imagery: Lifelike sky views for natural ambiance.

  • Biophilic Design: Scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mood.

  • Therapeutic Applications: Ideal for healthcare facilities to aid patient recovery.

  • Custom Installations: Tailored to fit specific design needs.

  • Content Focus: Primarily static, high-quality sky images.


Winscape's Virtual Window stands out with its high-resolution displays and innovative motion-tracking technology, which adjusts the view based on the observer's position, offering a highly realistic and customizable window-like experience.


  • High-Resolution Displays: Sharp, detailed images for a true-to-life view.

  • Motion Tracking: Dynamic perspective changes with viewer movement.

  • Customizable Nature Scenes: Personalize your view to suit your preference.

  • Immersive Experience: Engaging technology that mimics real window views.

  • Setup Considerations: Advanced setup due to motion tracking technology, with a higher initial investment.

Prosky Panels

Prosky Panels redefines flexibility with their modular LED panels, offering customizable sizes and shapes to fit any space. Known for their high brightness, contrast ratios, and energy efficiency, these panels are suitable for both commercial and residential settings, providing vibrant and dynamic content.


  • Modular Design: Customizable sizes and shapes for creative installations.

  • High Brightness and Contrast: Vivid, lifelike images even in well-lit areas.

  • Energy-Efficient LEDs: Low power consumption with high output.

  • Flexible Installation: Adaptable to various spaces and design needs.

  • Design Complexity: May require professional assistance for design and installation.

Cleaning Tips

Maintaining the stunning views of your virtual window requires regular cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to use a dry or slightly damp soft white cloth to clean digital signage screens such as virtual windows. Spray cleaning solutions onto the cloth rather than directly onto the screen to prevent moisture from seeping into the hardware and causing damage.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance and care are important to your virtual window's longevity and optimal performance. Cleaning routines should include washing, wiping, and dusting the display’s surface using a cloth and soapy water for basic cleaning. For more stubborn grime, utilize baking soda or window cleaner to efficiently remove stains without causing damage. Spray the cloth not the display.

Hamptons Long Island Living Room Before Liquid View Virtual Window
Hamptons Long Island Living Room Before Liquid View Virtual Window
wHamptons Long Island Living Room After LiquidView Digital Window Installation
wHamptons Long Island Living Room After LiquidView Digital Window

Considerations for Installing Virtual Windows

Installing digital windows may seem like a daunting task, but it’s within the realm of possibility for serious DIYers with renovation or contractor experience. The installation process requires:

  • Precise measurements

  • Modifications to walls or ceilings, which may house essential electrical wiring and plumbing

  • Ensuring compatibility with the building’s electrical system to avoid overloading

  • Assessing the structural integrity to support the the weight and dimensions

Professional installation is strongly recommended because of the technicalities of aligning the window for optimal viewing and the potential risks of damaging critical infrastructure. This approach guarantees seamless integration and aesthetic appeal, as well as adherence to safety standards and the longevity of the system.


Virtual windows have come a long way, transforming from a novel concept to a widely accepted solution for enhancing windowless spaces. These computer-generated windows can transform any room by simulating real-world views, providing access to undisturbed, open landscapes, and contributing to overall health benefits.

However, choosing the right simulated window involves considering various factors, from the type and features to the installation and maintenance. It’s crucial to understand that each manufacturer offers unique features and benefits, and the best choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. With proper care and maintenance, these innovative additions can last for years, providing a refreshing break from indoor monotony and opening up a world of breathtaking views.

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