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Every day ATTYWON is installing TVs on Long Island. When you consider this over a span of 20 years we have the experience and creativity you would expect. Our TV Mounting services have evolved with the availability of thinner televisions, Motorized mounts, Mirror TV's, Hidden TV's and the all new Samsung's "Frame TV".  With this short list of options and many more, you no longer have to settle for an unattractive Television set disrupting the interior design of your home.  


With today's technology we can hide it behind a mirror, hide it in furniture with motorization or mount it in plain site resembling your favorite art piece. There are endless possibilities which we can discuss and make sure your TV installation suits your lifestyle. You can also learn all about Dish TVOutdoor TV Installations and  the Samsung Frame TV .


As we mentioned above there are plenty of TV Installation options for optimal viewing and aesthetic design. Whether you're looking for a simple flat TV mount or a motorized mount that hides your TV, ATTYWON of Nassau County Long Island has a solution for you. Scroll through the options below and learn more by clicking on each for an explainer video about each mounting option. We would be happy to discuss something else you may have in mind not featured below.


TV Installation Consulting Long Island


How big of a TV should I purchase? What kind of mount? Do I need 4k or a sound bar? 

ATTYWON has an experienced staff to help you answer all of these questions and make you very happy with our TV mounting services.

Free TV Monting Proposal


Once we have answered all of your questions and understand your preferences completely we will offer a few different solutions according to your budget. Our proposals are always free while our services are priceless.

TV Install


After you agree to a suitable proposal we can set an appointment for the TV mounting installation. We respect your home and take many precautions during the installation. Once complete our team makes sure the area is clean.

Television Mounting Company New York


After just a short time from our initial consult it will be time to pass you the remote control. Our trained staff will walk you through everything you need to know from the first premiere to every enjoyable movie night after. Lights - Camera - Action! 


  1. Safety First: Relocating high voltage outlets and securing a tv properly to the wall is something we do day in and day out. You can be confident our assessment and installation will be of the highest quality and safety standards. PLease let us know if you have any concerns.

  2. Electrical Outlet:  To complete your TV installation you will need an outlet located directly behind the TV. You may also need the outlet to be recessed. Recessing the outlet allows your TV to be mounted closest to the wall. This gives the TV power plug enough clearance without pushing the TV away from the wall. Our experts will discuss this with you and advise the best option for your specific TV installation.

  3. Wire Concealment: The most important part of the mounting process is making sure there aren't any visible wires, especially a power cord running down the wall to an outlet. ATTYWON will make sure all wires are concealed and properly connected. We have trade relationships with reputable electricians if you do not already have one.

  4. Smart TV Connections: Having a smart TV means it will need a network connection. This is possible through WiFi but can cause lag and signal issues, possibly slowing down the entire network. Smart Televisions should be hardwired for streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and especially for gaming. ATTYWON can mount your TV and run a hard wire to your network router for the most reliable connection. 

  5. TV Height:  A general rule of thumb is mounting the TV so the center of the television is 42" off the floor. However we believe not only the size of the TV, but seating arrangements and your personal preference will determine the best height.. We are here to  help guide you through the process and make sure you have the best view from all seating positions.

  6. TV Cable Connections:  Depending on the TV mount option you choose, it can make it easier or more difficult to access connections on the back of the TV. Most of the time all connections will be made at the time of install, however some TV's are constantly being connected and disconnected to game consoles and other accessories. If this is your situation please let us know so we can discuss the best options for you.

  7. Remote Control: A new TV usually means upgrading the remote control which allows total control of all your components. We have several solutions that range from just controlling the TV, to setting complete scenes in the space.



This is a great question and it is different for everyone! We have all been to the movies and observe some sitting in the first row while others prefer the last. We understand everyone has their own preference and take pride in a TV installation that is just right for you. You can use the chart below to see the recommended seating distance from the TV. These calculations come directly from THX.

TV Size
Minimum Distance
Maximum Distance
9 Feet
12.5 Feet
7.5 Feet
11 Feet
6.5 Feet
10 Feet
6 Feet
9.5 Feet
9 Feet
5.50 Feet
8.5 Feet
5 Feet
8 Feet
4.75 Feet
7.5 Fee
4.50 Feet
7 Feet
4.25 Feet
6.5 Feet
4 Feet
6 Feet
3.50 Feet
5.5 Feet
3.25 Feet
5 Feet
3 Feet
4.6 Feet
2.75 Feet
4.2 Feet
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