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LG Direct View Displays 
Premium Installation and Sales | ATTYWON

Experience Unmatched Visual Clarity with LG Direct View Displays

Embark on a visual journey where clarity and color come to life. LG Direct View displays are your gateway to a new era of visual entertainment and information. Tailored specifically for your application, these displays seamlessly blend into airports, shopping centers, stadiums, billboards, and your personal spaces.

Understanding Direct View Technology

Stepping away from conventional LED displays, Direct View LED technology eliminates the LCD panel, utilizing a grid of LEDs as the actual display pixels. This innovation amplifies contrast, enriches colors, and elevates brightness, which traditional LCDs can not replicate. When you are creating expansive displays exceeding 100 feet, Direct View LED is the an exceptional choice for both indoor and outdoor areas. 

Your imagination is our only boundry.

Your Trusted LG Direct View Display Provider on Long Island - ATTYWON

At ATTYWON, we take pride in being the leader of LG Direct View displays on Long Island. Our premium installation and sales services are crafted to ensure you receive not just superior products, but an unparalleled experience. Whether it's an indoor fine-pitch display enhancing your home theater or a robust outdoor display amplifying your business presence, our adept team is committed to translating your vision into a visual reality.

Elevate Your Space with LG Direct View Displays and ATTYWON's Expertise

Discover the visual brilliance of LG Direct View displays paired with ATTYWON's unmatched installation and sales services. Transform your space today.

Unmatched Visual Excellence

LG Direct View displays offer vibrant colors, sharp images, and remarkable brightness. With LEDs replacing LCD panels, enjoy astounding contrast and superior visual quality in every pixel.

Tailored Installation Services

Our skilled team ensures seamless LG Direct View installations. We handle every detail meticulously, guaranteeing a flawless setup that harmonizes with your space's aesthetics.

Premium Sales

Choose ATTYWON for a smooth, informed journey. We understand your needs, recommend the ideal LG Direct View display solutions, and uphold a legacy of client satisfaction and trust.

Your Vision,
Our Mission

We aim to transform spaces into visual spectacles with LG Direct View displays. Exceeding your expectations in product and service quality is our mission. Connect with us to elevate your visuals.

Choose ATTYWON for a seamless, high-quality display experience that transcends the ordinary with LG Direct View displays.

You're here for a superior visual experience to boost your commercial marketing and branding. Don't just dream it—realize it with ATTYWON and LG Direct View. Contact us today or schedule an appointment.

Amplify Your Visual Marketing with LG Direct View Displays
Cutting-Edge Technology Fused with Unmatched Quality, Engaging Convenience, and Competitive Affordability

Marine Grade

Explore LG's Marine Grade Direct View LED series for robust and vibrant display solutions, perfect for cruise ships, resorts, and seaside venues. The GNEB series, ideal for cruise ships, offers stable power and data connections, marine-grade powder coating, and vivid colors.

For outdoor seaside settings, the GNEA series provides marine-grade durability and high refresh rates, distinguishing it from the GNEB series. Both series are designed to enhance your visual displays in marine environments, making your seaside spaces visually appealing.


Business Display Series

LG's Business Displays provides a ready-to-use solution, equipped with all necessary components for both indoor and outdoor use, with resolutions ranging from Full HD to 8K Ultra HD. With 25 size options from 81 to 589 inches, it meets a variety of solutions.

Designed for straightforward system integration, it comes in custom, wheeled ATA flight cases for secure delivery and easy setup. The series includes the LAP Series for indoor use, LAS Series for high-contrast indoor displays, and LBP and LBS Series for vivid outdoor displays, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking to enhance their visual presence.


Experience vast visuals with LG's MAGNIT DVLED Display, showcasing Micro LED technology that brings vibrant imagery to life. Enjoy sharp contrast, fine detail, and rich colors that form captivating visuals, immersing viewers in a unique visual journey.

Choose from the All-in-One Fine Pitch  for simple meetings, the MicroLED digital signage for immersive visuals, or the MAGNIT Studio Series with customizable options for broadcast, curvature, and color tuning, Delight in over a billion color shades, enhanced by HDR10 and HDR10 Pro support, ensuring a great view from every angle, 


Outdoor LED Series

LG's Outdoor LED Signage offers vibrant visuals across diverse outdoor settings, making it a prime choice for stadiums, outdoor advertising, and public displays. The Ultra High Brightness Series is engineered to provide clear visibility even in bright daylight conditions.

Specifically designed for sports events, the Stadium Series enhances the live-action experience. The Flexible Mesh DVLED is versatile, adapting to various shapes for creative outdoor displays. The GSCD Ultra Light Series stands out for its lightweight design, while the GSCA series captivates with its dazzling imagery. The GSED series, with its eye-level accessibility and lower pixel pitch, is tailored for easy interaction and readability.

Indoor LED Series

Engage your audience with LG's Indoor Direct View LED Signage, delivering superior image quality and vibrant colors.. This range caters to various indoor needs. The MicroLED and LSBB Fine-pitch Essential Series provide precise color and high-resolution.

The Studio Series LED is suited for virtual production, blending high performance with  flexibility. Miraclass LED Cinema Screens turn spaces into cinematic experiences with clear, accurate colors. The LSCA Versatile Indoor LED and LSCB Ultra Slim LED series offer sleek designs with quality visuals, while the LSAA Cable-less Fine Pitch LED series simplifies meeting room setups with high-performance SoC and webOS™. The LAS Fine-pitch All-in-One Display is perfect for efficient meeting room environments. 


Color Transparent LED Film Series

Explore a new dimension of transparent display design with LG's 14mm Self-adhesive Transparent Color LED Film. This innovative film offers high transparency, displaying vibrant content while maintaining a clear view of what's behind it. It's suitable for both flat and curved installations, with a curvature up to 1,100R for various surface types. The self-adhesive feature simplifies attachment to existing glass or window surfaces, eliminating the need for complex construction.

The film's size, layout, and expandability are customizable to fit the installation area, allowing for vertical or horizontal adjustments or trimming to meet size needs. With a 14mm pixel pitch and brightness up to 2,100 nits, it displays a broad color spectrum to engage viewers. The integrated webOS™ Smart Platform and Control Manager facilitate easy content management and real-time monitoring. 

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ATTYWON Provides LG Direct View Displays, Installation and Service In And Around The Following Neighborhoods:


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East Rockaway



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Glen Head

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