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Smart Glass Long Island

Transform Your Space with Cutting-Edge Privacy Glass Solutions| ATTYWON

Discover the future of living and working environments with our innovative smart glass technologies. Our solutions offer instant privacy, natural light control, and energy savings at the flick of a switch, perfect for corporate offices and modern homes.


For over 25 years, we've been helping people like you integrate sintelligent solutions into their Long Island homes. ATTYWON stands for "All The Technology You Want Or Need," and we live by that mantra. From products that offer privacy at the push of a button to fully integrated home automation systems, we make your wants and needs a reality. Whether it's for healthcare facilities, meeting rooms, or your home, our products blend seamlessly into any environment with simple control and total privacy.  ATTYWON's privacy glass solutions offer the perfect blend of functionality, design and solitude.

The Magic Behind Smart Glass:

At the heart of our smart glass technologies are liquid crystals and Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) films. These materials transform from opaque to transparent with a simple light switch or programmed scene, offering instant privacy without sacrificing natural light. This switchable film technology embedded within our glass panels allows for a seamless transition, providing privacy glass solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of spaces like conference rooms, healthcare facilities, and your home.

Privacy on Demand:

With just a flick of a switch, a voice command or through your mobile phone, our smart windows provide complete privacy. This feature is particularly useful in areas like meeting rooms, home extensions and bathroom showers.

Energy Efficiency:

Reduces energy consumption by controlling the amount of natural light entering a space. This means lowering cooling costs and energy use for both businesses and homes. We also install privacy glass doors with simple control, for even more energy savings.

Modern Aesthetics:

Transform ordinary glass into extraordinary design elements, including glass walls and office partitions, that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Our glass's low iron content ensures high clarity and light transmission which provides a bright and open feel.

UV Protection:

Protect your interior from harmful UV light without compromising on natural light. Our products offer excellent UV protection, safeguarding your furnishings and reducing the risk associated with UV exposure.

With ATTYWON's Smart Glass, don't just imagine the possibilities—bring them to life. Reach out to us today or set up a free consultation.


Why Smart Glass?

In today's homes and offices, where privacy, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and technology are key, smart glass and film offer an ideal solution for folks on Long Island.

Imagine a glass window that shifts from transparent to frosted at the push of a button! But the benefits do not stop there. This technology involves embedding a special film between two pieces of regular glass. This ensures privacy on demand and fortifies the glass against noise pollution and potential break-ins, acting like a superhero shield for your space.

Our smart film also works wonders in controlling energy costs by blocking out the sun's UV rays, which overheat your interior and damage your furnishings. This means intelligent glass will help keep your spaces cooler while preserving your decor, making it a great alternative to motorized blinds.

Another amazing benefit is that this switchable film can transform any glass surface into a high-definition rear projection screen. This means you can project your corporate presentations, TV content, or videos directly onto the glass. How cool would this be for your home, office windows, or public space? ATTYWON, has a deep industry knowledge and commitment to innovation that brings you to the forefront of smart glass applications.

Transforming Spaces With Intelligent Glass

ATTYWON's smart glass technologies are not just about functionality but also about redefining spaces. Each piece of glass is crafted with precision, ensuring that every square foot of your space is optimized for privacy, efficiency, and style.

With certified installers and a focus on quality, ATTYWON is your trusted partner in bringing the future to your doorstep. Explore our range of intelligent glass products and discover how we can make your space smarter, safer, and more stylish.


Smart Glass for Corporate Offices

In the corporate world, smart glass is transforming how businesses operate. It's not just about privacy; it's about making a statement. Our solutions offer seamless privacy control, perfect for conference rooms and offices where confidentiality is key. But it's more than just privacy. Imagine your company logo dynamically appearing on glass surfaces, turning ordinary partitions into branding opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Privacy Control: With a simple ON/OFF switch or a tap on your device, switch from transparent to opaque for instant privacy.

  • Branding: Integrate your company logo or branding elements directly into the glass, enhancing corporate identity.

  • Conference Rooms: Transform meeting spaces with glass that can be clear for openness or frosted for privacy in seconds.

We've worked with many businesses across Long Island, tailoring intelligent glass solutions that meet their specific needs. From enhancing aesthetic appeal to ensuring privacy on demand, our corporate clients experience significant benefits.

Smart Glass for Homes

Reimagine your home with privacy glass. It is a perfect blend of function and style, offering privacy without smart shades or motorized blinds. Ideal for bathroom windows, bedroom partitions, or even kitchen backsplashes, we offer all kinds of different types of glass that provide a sleek, modern look while keeping your space bright. Click Here to check out our virtual windows for an amazing experience is spaces without an outside view.


  • Bathroom Privacy: Switch to frosted glass for privacy without sacrificing natural light.

  • Bedroom Partitions: Create flexible spaces that can be open or private with the flick of a switch.

  • Kitchen Backsplashes: Add a touch of modernity with glass that can change for different occasions or times of day.

Our customers love the transformation smart glass brings to their homes. It's not just about the innovative technology; it's about how it enhances their living spaces, making them more functional, stylish, and private when needed.


Technology and Innovation

Smart glass is at the forefront of architectural and interior design innovation. Our products are designed with the latest in switchable glass technologies, ensuring you get the best in terms of functionality and style. 


  • Switchable Privacy Glass: Offers the perfect privacy solution with technology that switches states from clear to opaque.

  • Electrochromic Glass: Automatically adjusts tint for energy efficiency and comfort.

  • Projection Screen Capabilities: Turn any glass surface into a high-definition display for presentations or entertainment.

We're constantly exploring new technologies to enhance our products, from advancements in particle devices to innovative control glass options. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us a trusted smart glass expert in North America, especially in the New York area, where we're known for our tailored solutions and quick lead times.

Explore our range of smart glass and film products, designed to meet a variety of privacy requirements and aesthetic preferences. Whether for retail, hospitality, or residential applications, our solutions offer the perfect blend of privacy, efficiency, and style. Download our brochure or get in touch to learn more about how we can transform your space.

Understanding Smart Glass Technology

Intelligent glass is changing our spaces, making them more private, efficient, and stylish. But how does it work? Let's break it down.

How Smart Glass Works

Smart or switchable glass has a special layer of film between two panes of glass. This film has tiny particles that move when electricity is applied. When the glass is "on," these particles line up and the glass looks clear. Turn it "off," and the particles scatter, making the glass look frosted and giving you instant privacy.

Types of Smart Glass

  • Electrochromic Glass: This glass slowly changes from clear to tinted with electricity, which is great for outside windows to manage sunlight and heat.

  • PDLC Glass: Short for polymer-dispersed liquid crystal, this glass switches from clear to frosted fast and is perfect for places inside, like office dividers or bathroom windows.

  • Thermochromic Glass: This type changes based on temperature, helping to save energy by adjusting the amount of light and heat that passes through.

Intelligent glass is all about giving you control over your space, whether you want to keep a room cool, make a space private quickly, or add a modern touch to your place.

Get In Touch To Learn More:

ATTYWON offers the perfect solution for those demanding privacy, energy efficiency, and a touch of modern design in their spaces. From the diverse types of glass tailored for various applications to the innovative use of smart films that transform ordinary glass into extraordinary features, our products are designed with your needs in mind. Whether it's for retail and hospitality, healthcare, or residential settings, we cater to a wide range of demands.


Discover how Gauzi Products can make a difference in your space. At ATTYWON, we provide smart glass solutions that offer safety features, low power consumption, and the ability to control your environment with ease. Our products are designed to bring your creative ideas to life and make ordinary glass extraordinary. If you are looking for innovative design ideas or more information about our offerings, please feel free to reach out to us. Let's work together to make your vision a reality.

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