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Long Island School Security Systems and Facility Access Control Installations

*We will not publicize all security protocols but feel free to book one of our demonstrations to learn all about our proprietary designs and multi-layer solutions.

Long Island School Security and Facility Access Control Consultant
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Planning, installing and implementing any security system can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. ATTYWON deploys security and facility access control systems for schools that include security cameras, security systems, turnstiles with bio-metric access control and many other solutions. Each campus design is tailored to meet the unique needs of every school district. All of our systems are modern, meaning they are intuitive and easy to understand. We can also easily expand for growth over time.

What are the benefits of a school security and access control system.

*We do not publicize all of our solutions or protocols.

Long Island School Security Camera Installation With Pan - Tilt - zoom Capabilities
School Security Camera Installation With Pan - Tilt - zoom Capabilities

1. Security Camera Benefits:

Security cameras are always at the top of the list help to deter crime, and can provide valuable evidence if a crime does occur. We recommend placing them both inside and outside your facility. Cameras systems can be monitored by security staff or remotely on a mobile device where internet is available. We can never say enough about how important the quality of the cameras are. If you are considering investing, invest in a 4k camera system or the entire community can be disappointed with the footage results.

Security cameras provide a number of benefits for schools. First and foremost there presence alone act as a deterrent to potential criminals. If potential intruders know that their actions are being monitored, they are less likely to attempt to break into the school or carry out any other type of criminal activity. Secondly, if a crime does occur, footage from the security cameras can be used as evidence to identify the perpetrator and secure a conviction. This is particularly important in cases of serious crimes such as violence or theft. Finally, security cameras can also be used to monitor the activities of students and staff members, ensuring that everyone is complying with school rules and regulations.

Keeping children safer with Long Island School Security Systems
Keeping Schools and Facilities Safer With Security Systems

2. Security System Benefits

A general school security system can offer a number of benefits to students, staff, and parents as well as tax payers. Perhaps most importantly, a security system can help to deter crime and keep everyone on campus safe. In the event that a crime does occur, security systems can also provide valuable evidence that can be used to solve the case and bring the perpetrator to justice. Additionally, security systems can help to create a more positive and productive learning environment by promoting order and discouraging disruptive behavior. Finally, parents can feel peace of mind knowing that their children are being safeguarded while at school. Some of the elements we deploy are:

  • Glass Break: Traditional security systems only detect when a door or window is opened, but what if a burglar tries to break in through a window? That's where window alarm sensors come in. These devices are designed to detect the sound of breaking glass, whether it's from a flying object or someone trying to break in. When the sensor is triggered, it sends an alert to the main security system allowing your local security team or local law enforcement to take action. In addition to providing an extra layer of security, window alarm sensors can also be helpful in preventing accidents. If a child breaks a window, for example, staff will be alerted, they can then take steps to prevent them from getting hurt and have it replaced immediately. Whether you're looking to improve security or just want peace of mind, window alarm sensors are an excellent investment.

  • Motion Sensors: A security system is only as good as its weakest link, and one of the most vulnerable points in any school is the entryway. Doors and windows can be easily forced open by an intruder, but a motion sensor can provide an extra layer of protection. These devices use infrared or microwave radar to detect movement throughout your house, and some models can even detect the change in temperature in an area to confirm whether an intruder has entered your facility. We can also change the distance and sensitivity settings on the sensor according to the space, so that it doesn’t send out false alarms. If the sensor detects unusual movement, it will alert your security system of the activity, and your monitoring center will get the notification. Motion sensors are a simple and effective way to deter criminals and give you peace of mind.

  • Door and Window Contacts: A municipalities doors and windows are the most common entry points for criminals. Every year, hundreds of schools are broken into through these openings. Door and window contacts are an important part of any security system. These sensors are triggered if someone opens a door or window in your building. When combined with other types of sensors, like motion detectors and glass break sensors mentioned above, door and window contacts provide comprehensive protection for your facility. By monitoring all of the openings in your school, you can help keep everyone safe from harm.

  • Horn / Strobes: System Sensor horns, strobes, and horn/strobes are designed to provide maximum flexibility for a variety of applications. For example, horns and horn/strobes produce a loud sound that can be used to notify occupants of an emergency event, while strobes are ideal for warning hearing-impaired individuals. Installers can easily adapt devices to suit a wide range of commercial and industrial application requirements by using field-selectable sound patterns and volume settings.

  • Panic Button / Pull Down Stations: There are several advantages to having a panic button or pull down in schools. First, it would give teachers and students a quick way to summon help in the event of any criminal activity. Second, it would help to deter would-be criminals, knowing that they would be quickly apprehended if they tried to attack a school with a panic button and numerous pull-down stations in place. Finally, it would give peace of mind to the community, knowing that their children have a way to immediately get help if they are ever in danger at school. Given the potential benefits, it is clear that panic buttons combined with pull-down stations could play an important role in keeping students and faculty safe.

School Access Control Systems Keep Children Safer on Long Island
School Access Control Systems Keep Children Safer

3. Access Control System Benefits

An Access Control system whether traditional or with modern bio-metrics can offer a variety of benefits for a school or facility. By implementing these types of systems, schools and facilities can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to certain areas. This can help to protect students, staff, and assets from theft or damage and of course keep everyone safer. Additionally, an Access Control system with bio-metrics can help to reduce the spread of illness by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering areas where they could potentially come into contact with others.

There are many benefits to using a traditional access control system with simple card readers or keypads. For one, it helps to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to certain areas. This is especially important in sensitive areas such as data centers or research laboratories. By also having a record of who enters and leaves the premises, makes it easier to identify any potential security breaches. Furthermore, by using a card reader or keypad, it is possible to track the movements of employees or other individuals within the facility. This can be helpful in the event of a fire or other emergency, as it can help authorities to determine who is still on the premises. All of this and more is also available with the latest in technology, biometrics....

There are a number of different types of bio-metrics systems that are available today an dwe can help you decide which is best for your environment and budget. Some of the more popular options include fingerprint readers, iris scanners, and palm scanners. Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select the one that will work best for your particular school or facility.

  • Fingerprint readers are often considered to be the most accurate type of bio-metrics. However, they can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Additionally, fingerprint readers require that each individual have their finger scanned in order to gain access to an area. This can be time consuming, especially if there are a large number of people who need to be granted access.

  • Iris scanners are another popular option for an Access Control system with bio-metrics. Iris scanners work by taking a picture of the iris, which is the colored part of the eye. This information is then used to create a template that can be matched with a database of irises. When an authorized individual attempts to gain access to an area, the system will compare the iris scan with the template in order to verify that the person is who they claim to be.

  • Palm scanners are also available and work by taking a picture of the palm, which is then used to create a template. When an authorized individual attempts to gain access to an area, the system will compare the palm scan with the template in order to verify that the person is who they claim to be. Palm scanners are less expensive than fingerprint scanners, making them a more affordable option for schools and other facilities.

Another benefit of using an Access Control system with bio-metrics is that it can help to prevent fraud. For example, if an individual tries to use a fake student or faculty ID to gain access to a school or facility, the system will be able to detect that the ID is not real. This helps protect the school or facility from potential security threats.

Overall, an Access Control system with bio-metrics can offer many benefits for a school or facility. These systems are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a high level of security at a relatively low cost. If you are considering implementing an Access Control system in your school or facility, be sure to have us visit for an in depth consult.

Turnstile Solution For School Security on Long Island
Turnstile Solution For School Security

4. Turnstiles

There are many benefits to installing turnstiles at schools and other public facilities. For one, they can help to control the flow of people entering and exiting the building. This can be especially helpful during peak times, such as the start and end of the school day, when there is a greater risk of congestion and overcrowding. Turnstiles can also help to improve security by deterring unauthorized entry and exit. By restricting access to only those who have a valid ID or biometrics, turnstiles can help to reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. In addition, turnstiles can also be used to collect data on who is entering and leaving the building. This information can be used for attendance, student tracking and much more.

5. Weapons Detection

In the ongoing struggle of devastating school events, many schools and other public facilities have installed metal detectors with some of the other security measures mentioned above, in an effort to prevent further violence. However, these measures are not without their critics, who argue that they invade privacy and create an atmosphere of fear. Despite these concerns, there is no denying that weapons detection systems can be effective in deterring would-be attackers and keeping people safe.

Metal detectors are often the first line of defense against potential threats, and they can be highly effective in preventing guns and other weapons from being brought into schools and other public places. In addition, weapons detection systems can help to identify potential threats before they have a chance to act. For example, if someone attempts to bring a gun or knife into a school through a metal detector, the alarm will sound and the person can be stopped and searched before they have a chance to cause any harm.

In addition to deterring potential attackers, weapons detection systems can also provide peace of mind for those who are concerned about their safety. Knowing that there are measures in place to keep people safe can help to ease anxiety and make people feel more comfortable in public settings. As such, weapons detection systems can have a positive impact on both security and morale.

6. Body Temperature Sensing Systems

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many schools and facilities are looking for ways to keep their students and staff safe. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of body temperature detection cameras. These cameras use infrared technology to measure the temperature of a person's skin, and they can be set up to screen individuals as they enter a building. There are several benefits to using these cameras. First, they provide an efficient way to screen large numbers of people. Second, they can help to identify individuals who may be ill, even if they are not showing any symptoms. Finally, they can help to reduce the spread of virus's by providing school officials with a quick way to isolate individuals who may be sick. Body temperature detection cameras are an important tool in the fight against any viruses, and more schools and facilities are expected to adopt them in the coming years.

7. Mass Notification Systems

A mass notification system (MNS) is a platform that sends one-way messages to inform occupants and the public of an emergency. Organizations best served by these systems include fire and police departments; emergency management organizations; federal, state and local governments; cities and communities; Schools, building owners and facility management companies; Such systems can improve the safety and security of an organization by providing alerts and real-time instruction during a crisis.

A mass notification system's database consists of names, phone numbers, email addresses and delivery methods. The MNS software requires a strong communications infrastructure with enough bandwidth to deliver thousands of messages. MNS platforms use pre-recorded or live voice messages, text messages, email, social media, desktop alerts and more to reach people inside and outside of an affected area. Some systems can even integrate with building security systems to lockdown doors and elevators. We can help you tailor the best system that will effectively protect your school or facility.

In Closing

School security is a vital concern for administrators, teachers, parents and students. In the wake of recent tragic events, many schools have implemented security measures such as security cameras, mass notification systems, turnstiles and bio-metrics to help keep their students safe. These systems help to deter crime and violence, and they also provide a way to quickly and efficiently notify law enforcement in the event of an emergency. In addition, these systems can help schools to monitor and control access to their facilities. By carefully controlling who has access to school buildings and classrooms, these systems can help to prevent unauthorized people from entering school grounds. Feel free to contact us to learn more and we do have comprehensive material that we can share with you and your staf at your facility.


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