A good network needs a solid foundation

Let's face it; the free router you get from the cable or telephone company is not designed to handle all of the devices and network traffic in your home; they certainly don't have enough ports for all your devices. The days of checking your AOL email are over. Today we download huge email attachments, stream movies from Netflix and music from Pandora. Most routers aren't even capable of handling Apple AirPlay traffic.

Let us design and install a solid network platform that will provide years of hassle-free networking in your office or home. Many of our networks designs include a "self-healing" feature that would reboot your cable modem and router in case your Internet service goes down; things get back up and running before you even realize there was an issue.

One WiFi One SSID

The free WiFi router in the den or basement simply does not have enough power to cover the whole house; you end up using minutes from your data plan. Off-the-shelf WiFi extenders are not a good solution. They simply extend a weak signal and create a separate SSID for each extender (such as homewifi_EXT). As you roam around your home or office your device may drop off of one SSID and hop onto another causing a disruption in your data stream. We offer affordable solutions to provide a strong, even WiFi signal throughout the home, even backyard and by the pool; all under a single SSID so your device never falls off the network.