The future is here - entertainment is everywhere

Life is not a one-room deal. We do not just watch TV in the den, we do not just eat in the kitchen and we certainly don’t listen to music only in the living room. The future is here and entertainment is ubiquitous. Our audio & video solutions are designed to keep you connected and entertained all over your home. You can watch TV in the kitchen, move your show to the living room, pause and keep playing that show out by the pool or patio or listen to music all over the house and backyard.ATTYWON designs, installs and integrates whole-home music systems, and video distribution systems that give you access to any source in every room. Sounds complicated and expensive? Not really; today’s A/V systems are much more affordable and user friendly.

Distributed Music Systems

ATTYWON has strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers in the audio industry. With names like Sonos, Russound, Nuvo, Denon, Bose, Niles and more, we offer you a world of options to fit your style and budget. We'll pre-wire your home and install speakers throughout the home that blend seamlessly and sound great while being practically invisible. In-fact we can even make your speakers disappear completely; make your walls sing.